I’m Associate Professor in NYU’s Department of English, where I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate courses in American literature and culture since 2001. Since fall 2012 I have been Global Network Associate Professor of Literature at NYU Abu Dhabi, where I currently am Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Development and Director of the Core Curriculum.

My academic work focuses on two broad areas: American and Atlantic World literature through 1900 and New York City writing and culture from the Dutch colonial period to the present, with particular focus on music and art in the late 20th-century Downtown Scene.

My training, scholarship, and teaching are interdisciplinary: I received my Ph.D. from Boston University in American Studies and describe myself as a cultural historian of writing and the arts. As a result, my literary history courses tend to double as cultural history courses. In them I direct a significant amount of attention to issues of method and discipline, including questions about the status of literary and cultural texts and interpretation as categories of historical evidence.

This site exists primarily to archive information about my teaching, research, and professional writing. For several years I blogged regularly about New York literature, culture, and history at A History of New York (a.k.a. PWHNY) and about miscellaneous topics at The Great Whatsit, though both of those sites are on hiatus. I’m on the editorial board of common-place, an online quarterly magazine about early American culture. Follow @_waterman on Twitter; I’ll occasionally still tweet at @pwhny. There’s a Tumblr too. You can become a fan of PWHNY on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook myself.

Contact information:

Bryan Waterman
Global Network Associate Professor of Literature
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Development
New York University Abu Dhabi

A3 room 109
PO Box 129188
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
phone: +97126284927

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